General stuff.

A. A.
Fri Jun 20 07:59:35 EST 1997

Stuart wrote:
: Hello Everyone,

: Just a few things...

: 1.  The new dRhodamine dyes from PE-ABI.  I've tried them and they work 
: great...although I'm not sure about the small amount of DNA that can be 
: used in a 
: reaction (maybe really low levels of ultra-pure DNA in Foster City), 
: perhaps not 
: in the 'real world'.

I'm offf to ABI in Warrington today to look at the new dyes.  I'll let 
you know what I think.
: 2.  What about people with 373a's?  Are you not just a little bit 
: by not 
: being able to use these dyes???  What are PE-ABI doing about this?

I heard that there may be an upgrade avaiable that will mean that the
373 can use the new dyes.  what it will be, and what it will cost, is 
matter.  Given the number of 373 users I think something will be done.


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