77- pouring gels and loading

Hamish Hamish
Fri Jul 25 13:00:01 EST 1997

        Re: 377- pouring gels and loading
        Thu, 24 Jul 1997 19:14:37 +0200
        PhilorJennifer Bryant <jebryant at unm.edu>
        Hamish.Scott at net.bio.net, hscott at medsun.unige.ch

hi there!  we pour our gels the night before, and we've never had any
problems.  we leave the well former in the top, and wrap the bottom with
paper towel soaked in 1XTBE.  then we seal the gel in saran wrap and
flat until the next day.  we use an 8-syringe pipettor from hamilton co.
for loading - they load every other lane on a 32 well comb, every third
lane for a 48 well comb, and every 4th lane on a 64 well comb.  i don't
think they are compatible with a 36 well comb.  as for the XL upgrade,
got that so soon after we got our sequencers that i can't really tell
much about comparing the two.  one difference that i remember is the
of the wells on
the comb - 48 is much smaller than 32 or 36!  i took us some practice to
become proficient in loading the 48 well combs - don't try your most
precious samples on the first time out!  we haven't tried the 64 well
yet - for the time being we are happy with the 48 well format.

hope this helps!  would you post this to seqnet, so others can read it
too, if you can?  thanks!

jennifer b.
UNM dept. of biochemistry


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