more 310 problems

Agnes Agnes
Thu Jul 17 09:04:50 EST 1997

Would appreciate advice from anyone who has ever encountered the following
problems running GS on the 310.
Last Fri GS samples ran well, sized clearly. On Sat using same polymer and
buffer we had no peaks with either PCR products or Rox. The scan lines 
nice and straight, at abt 1000 on y axis.
On Monday we started with fresh polymer and buffer, new capillary, and
found that the scan lines were widely spaced with uppermost being abt 4000
and lowest 2000+. The service engineer ran diagnostics and found problems
with CCD which he worked on and by Wed we had the scan lines back to the
correct range. However the lines were no longer smooth but spiky with
spikes of amplitude up to 1000 (much like that seen on plate check with
dirty plates on a 373) and we still cannot get any signal even with Rox. 
we went on trying the uppermost black line started getting very wavy as
well ie the baseline was both curvy and spiky.
The other 3 lines were spiky but they ran level, not curved.
We have never seen anything like this and need all the help we can get!

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