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Tue Jul 1 08:23:15 EST 1997


SeqPup reads an older format SCF file than is current for
some software.  I've never had the time to test it with
the SCF format generated by Licor's SCF writing program.
Maybe in the future I can get the SCF reading updated for
SeqPup, but I have no funds for my software development
and not enough spare time to do all the improvements needed.
I continue work on SeqPup; at some point it may do 
all that people want for free, but for now there are limits
like you have found.

There is a new program for Power Macintoshes called
VirtualPC, from Connectix Corp (Ram doubler folks).  It is
reputed to be very good (what SoftWindows should have been) and
according to reviews will let you run OS/2 on a Macintosh,
in which case you can run the Licor OS/2 gel editor.  But several
caveats apply -- you probably need a fast powermac w/ lots
of memory, and installing OS/2 is no simple task.  Buying 
Virtual PC (~$150) and OS/2 (~$100) gets you
near the price of Sequencher.  I haven't tested this yet, but
hope to next month.

-- Don

In article <5otpp1$md9 at net.bio.net>,
 <Suzanne McNeely, smcneely at invitrogen.com> wrote:
>I have just started a new job sequencing on a Licor instrument. My 
>experience is with ABI instruments. Needless to say I'm running into some
>tight spots. First off, the PC connected to the licor is the only one in 
>building. Everyone else is using macs. They would like to be able to view 
>SCF files on the macs. Anything out there for that purpose? I've got 
>but when I try to download the trace file it gives me gibberish. Plus I 
>the sneaking suspicion that if I do get it to load right it's just going 
>give me text. Does this program actually let you look at and edit in the
>chromatogram? I've also tried to get a copy of SCFExample. The address 
>be found according to the times I tried to hook via netscape. Has it 
>Are there any other programs out there other than sequencher and are
>relatively cheaper? Is there anyone out there that uses the licor that
>wouldn't mind having discussions about it's different aspects? Any and all
>help is appreciated. 
>Suzanne McNeely
>Suzanne_McNeely at invitrogen.com

-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana 
u--bloomington--gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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