Sequencing through poly A region

Muhammad Muhammad
Fri Jan 31 10:24:28 EST 1997

Dear Friends,

Would someone like to share with me his/her experience of sequencing
through a region of ~22 As in Arabidopsis.  I have tried different
chemistries from ABI and Amersham but both fail to produce any good
sequence.  It produces very nice and clean sequence till the end of the A
stretch but fails right after that. I have not tried using anything
different in the reaction yet.  Recently I heard about Dynamic ET poly T
primer kit of Amersham but haven't tried it either.  Any advice of any 
will be appreciated.  

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     Lita Annenberg Hazen Genome Center              (516)367-6923(H)
     McClintock Lab                          
     Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory           Fax:    (516) 367-8874      
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