Long Ranger

Vahe Vahe
Fri Jan 31 11:33:18 EST 1997

>Hey there,
>We are currently using a 373A DNA Sequencer from ABI with the Stretch
>Following the protocol (Dye Terminator sequencing on minipreps and PCR
>products) our
>average read is 500 - 550 bp.
>Recently I heard that people are using Long Ranger acrylamide on the 373A
>machine. Can
>someone give me some more info on composition of the gels etc..
>Can the existing mobility file still be used ???

We use 4.6% long ranger on 373As with Stretch, and run them at 39W. We
found that the recommended 5% gave too high a spacing. One a good day you
can read 650-700 with 2% error/ambiguity.

Vahe Bedian

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