EditView for PC?

David David
Thu Jan 30 10:46:35 EST 1997

Dear Sequencers , 

The correct sites for ABI viewing rpograms for the PC are :

http://www.paranoia.com/~dhk/abiview.html  for ABIView

http://trishul.sci.gu.edu.au/~conor/chromas.html  for Chromas

I will be putting both links on the Lark on-line resources page under the 
Bio-informatics and computing resources section at:


In the long run I am currently work on a WWW support page hosted at 
Geocities which should offer a perminant home for resources related to 
the newsgroup and should have the ability to store sample files 
displaying common problems . If you are intrested in helping either with 
the planning or coding contact me directly and I will explain in greater 
detail . 

Yours Sincerely ,

David Cain

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