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Rick Rick
Wed Jan 29 17:02:48 EST 1997


The Genome Sequencing Center at Washington University School of
Medicine, St. Louis has a couple of senior level positions available
for persons with DNA sequencing & mapping experience.  The ideal
candidates will have a Ph.D., a few years of experience, and a good
understanding of what's going on "in the tube".  Good communication
skills are a must.  Salaries & benefits will be very competitive and
the environment stimulating!

Interested persons should contact Dr. Richard K. Wilson (rwilson@
watson.wustl.edu) via e-mail.


Richard K. Wilson, Ph.D.
Genome Sequencing Center
Washington University School of Medicine
4444 Forest Park Blvd., Box 8501
St. Louis, MO   63108   USA
Phone: (314) 286-1804  FAX: (314) 286-1810
rick at geneman.wustl.edu
www: http://genome.wustl.edu/gsc/staff/rwilson/wilsonhmpg.html

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