Scientific Director Position Available w/ Start-Up...

Henry Henry
Wed Jan 29 10:50:33 EST 1997

I am looking for a replacement in a position that will be coming 
available (February 1) with a Start-Up company as a Scientific Director. 
located in Cincinnati, OH and have tennancy with a new (1st Tennants 
moved in on October 1, 1996), and very selective biomedical 

We will be providing profiling, sequencing and databanking services in 
the areas of forensics (human identification) and animal pedigree 
verification/registration. The ABD 377 will be used as the core systems, 
commercially available primer sets (horse, cattle, dog(?)...) will be 
with the system. 

Experience with 373/377 systems functions, applications, data 
processing and databanking would be ideal (but not necessarily 
experience as a Scientific Director) Salary and long-term benefits 
packages are completely negotiable, however there must be 
consideration as to the Start-Up status of the business. The position, at 
times will require one to wear many hats, including that of sales, 
marketing, etc.

Absolutely all interested/potential applicants are welcome and encouraged
respond... Do not miss this opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a
Start-Up Company dedicated to the explosive DNA analysis applications and
services markets.

Please direct responses or questions by e-mail (our phones will be 
activated as of February 1)... 

                        gilmore at worldnet.att.net

Jeff Gilmore
Alpha Genetics, Inc.

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