Robotics 2.

Stuart Stuart
Mon Jan 27 08:50:45 EST 1997

Hello All,

A couple of weeks ago I mailed the group and asked for your views on the 
robotics people had in place in their labs.  The interest generated from 
this seemed to be along the lines of there are plenty of people out 
there who would like to know about the robotics, but no-one with the 
robotics is willing to tell us anything!!!!

So, please could you mail me (direct, sb64 at le.ac.uk) with the 
information on your robotics set-ups.  I'll post a summary (if any!) of 
responses, ID's of which will remain confidential.



Stuart Bayliss,
Automated DNA Sequencing Specialist,
Hodgkin Building,
University of Leicester,

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