Paul Paul
Wed Jan 22 10:23:07 EST 1997

>   dear fellow sequencers,
>   we , the Brigham and Women's Hopital seqeuncing facility in Bosotn,
> have participated
>   in the abrf test  but have so far not received any results. We are very
>   interested in the experience of other 377 users with the 4x run mode.

    other stuff deleted....

The DNA Sequencing committee of ABRF received more than 230
chromatograms by the deadline which was just two weeks ago. The good
news is that everyone did quite well with a very GC rich template. This
means that the committee has over 15 million bases to analyze and
compare so they may present prelininary data at the ABRF meeting Feb 10
in Baltimore. After the meeting the data and paper will be published on
the ABRF web site.
We thank all who sent multiple submissions of DMSO additions or altered
thermal cycle conditions.
Only two submissions were run at 4X conditions so any comparisons of 4X
to 2X would be anecdotal at best and so will not be presented.

For those unfamiliar with the Association of Biomolecular Resource
Facilities (ABRF) go to:


Paul Morrison  Dana-1030
Molecular Biology Core Facilities
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
44 Binney Street
Boston, MA  02115

p_morrison at dfci.harvard.edu

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