Q: state of the art of sequencing

Patrick Patrick
Tue Jan 21 17:10:45 EST 1997


First of all I appologise for my ignorance, I'm not
a biologist (I'm a physicist and engineer with some
interest in molecular biology, but no formal education
in the field).
I was wondering what is the state of the art of
current (and near future) sequencing techniques.
Meaning: how many DNA basepairs can be identified per
minute, how long can the sequences be, what is a reasonable
upper limit on the number of pairs, how much does an identified
base pair cost (incrementally), how much does what kind of
sequencer cost etc... 
I know a few of the principles behind sequencing, but I don't
know if this is still the way things are done.


PS: could you also mail me a copy of your reply please ?  thanks !

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