tight comb

tom tom
Mon Jan 6 09:51:20 EST 1997

I have been having difficulty with the tightness of 36 well shark's
tooth combs on the 377.  I am using ABI 36 cm. plates with Long Ranger
gel or Sooner 4.25% gel.  I pour the plates nearly flat. The comb is
sometimes so loose that I have dislodged it rinsing the wells, and
sometimes so tight that I break teeth putting it in.  I have tried
calibrating the angle at which I pour the plates and using tight or
loose clamps for the well. Never-the-less,  I am unable to control the
tightness.  I suspect that the plates deform gradually in some way.

Has anyone had/solved this problem?
Tom Kotlar
Northwestern University
t-kotlar at nwu.edu

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