Multiplexing of AFLP's on the ABI 377

Jochen Jochen
Mon Feb 24 10:00:41 EST 1997

Dear newsgroupers,

Last year we've started with fragmentanalysis( AFLP's ) on the ABI Prism 
DNA Sequencer.
For the moment we run our samples as follow :
                        - one sample (one primercombination)
                        - GS-500 ROX internal lane standard

If we use 3 samples with the GS-500 ROX we loose a lot of signal 
with the TAMRA dye.
So for the moment we can't take advantage of the multiplex strategy.

Does anyone has experience with the multiplexing (4 dyes / lane) of AFLP's
on the ABI Prism 377 DNA Sequencer?

Thanks !

Dendauw Jochen

RvP- Rijksstation voor Plantenveredeling
Plant Breeding Station
Biotechnology lab

Mail : RvP at pophost.eunet.be

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