Compressed lanes--too many salts?

Richard Reinhardt - MPI fuer Molekulare Genetik, Richard Reinhardt - MPI fuer Molekulare Genetik,
Wed Feb 19 16:44:06 EST 1997

Hi Grace,

>I assume this comes from salts and stuff that are not properly cleaned up
>after the thermocycling.  I notice this with samples that are EtOH ppt but
>don't remember if this also occurs with centri-sep purified samples.  
>Is my hypothesis correct?  Must I tell my users to buy those expensive but
>useful centri-sep columns?  What is that new EtOH protocol that is floting
>around (I tried to access it from an archived message, but the address
>didn't work properly).  Other comments?

Your assumption seems to be correct, but there is no ultimate need for
centri-sep or other spin columns. Just wash your samples once  or twice 
70% EtOH, it helps.

ciao,  RR

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