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>> Hi, anyone out there,
>> we are planning to buy a sequencer. We are thinking about the Li-COR
>> system.
>> Has anybody any good or bad experiences with it ?
>In our lab we have a Licor (long read version) and an ABI 373 with stretch
>upgrade. We routinely get around 600 bases per sample with the licor (16
>samples per gel) and around 300 bases per sample with the ABI (36 samples
>per gel).
>So, in our experience, the licor is best for long reads of a few samples
>(eg sequencing a large insert) and the ABI is best for lots of short
>sequences (eg EST sequencing).

With the PE/ABI 373Stretch and 48 cm WTR gels, 800 to 1000 bases can be
routinely obtained. Please, check out the following paper by Lario et al:
"Automated laser-induced-fluorescence DNA sequencing: equalizing
signal-to-noise  ratios significantly enhances overall performance" now at
production stage for Analytical Biochemistry (tentative publication issue:
February-March 1997).

Hope it helps.

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