job opportunity in Madison, WI - update

jim jim
Mon Feb 10 09:41:17 EST 1997

Thanks to all that have sent me resumes regarding the 
software/bioinformatics position at GeneSys Technologies, Inc.  
Unfortunately, because
of the large volume of responses I received, I don't have time to answer 
everyone individually.  The position was filled this week, but I will
keep all the resumes I received on file since we are expecting rapid 
expansion this year in the areas of robotics and image processing.  The
quality of the applicants has been very high, and I encourage those 
looking for a position in bioinformatics to check out the 17 January 1997
issue of the journal Science for several want ads in this area.  There a 
many research-oriented firms recruiting for projects in sequencing,
gene finding, and analysis.  Thanks again to all who responded.

Jim Golden
Director of Bioinformatics
GeneSys Technologies, Inc.
9757 Wilkinson Rd.
Mazomanie, WI 53560

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