PE and me : Happy ending

Herve Herve
Mon Feb 10 09:43:15 EST 1997

After my message to the newsgroup on late delivery of 377 upgrade kits, I 
was contacted by PE for an explanation of this problem.
Perhaps I wasn't clear, but I was really annoyed by the lack of 
communication and organization of their distribution department, and not 
at all by the quality of the material, and the technical assistance.
For example the upgrade was delivered without combs, and also without the 
new software and its documentation. However the technician graciously 
installed the software from his own disks.
It seems that the discrepancy between the technical support and the 
distribution is due to a new organization for PE-Europe, and this is just 
a "burning in" period, and this type of problem will disappear in the 
near future.
Now I have tried 3 runs with the upgrade (48 wells) and it worked fine. I 
haven't tried the 64 wells comb, because it seems hard to load without a 
specifically designed loader (manual or automatic).

Best regards

Herve Crespeau

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