cycle sequencing with Pharmacia's ALF

Jochen Jochen
Fri Feb 7 16:06:14 EST 1997

Hi ALF Sequencers:
Does anyone know a protocol to use fluorescein-labelled primers in cycle 
sequencing reactions for the ALF system ?

I am very unsatisfied with the results obtained using the T7-sequencing 
with the ALF system and would like to give the Taq a try.
Unfortunately I could not find any protocol and I don't want to buy the 
whole Pharmacia Kit for a try on that purpose.

All suggestions appreciated,

Jochen Thur

Jochen Thur, Institute for Biochemistry, Medical Faculty, University of 
Cologne, D-50931 Koeln, Germany
email: jochen.thur at uni-koeln.de

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