Bubbles in gel

David David
Thu Feb 6 09:12:37 EST 1997

Dear Cameron and other Sequencers , 

The prescence of bubbles may be due to a few things , the most common 
that I have seen are the following :

1/ Failure to remove all of the Alcohol from the plates prior to pouring 
, this tends to produce an incredibaly crazed/Swiss cheese gel with the 
buddles making up most of the area .
I found that avoiding any alcohol rinses solved this but its really a 
matter of personal preferance , some people have never done the alcohol 
thing while others do it all the time . I find that the alcohol is best 
left til the bars open .

2/ Build up of dust/grease and other rubbish on the plates themselves . 
The cure for this is an overnight soak in KOH and neutralisation in the 
morning with HCL. Some people have found that this can strip the charge 
on the plates and cause the problem of oozing gels ( see previous 
postings http://www.bio.net/hypermail/AUTOMATED-SEQUENCING/9605/0017.html 
) . Put if handled carefully and only a monthly basis this has proaved to 
be very helpful in the labs that I have worked .

I have seen this work with both the the ABI plates and the Sooner Sci 
plates with no problems .
I hope this is of help . 

Yours Sequencingly,

David Cain

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