Bubbles in gel

Cameron Cameron
Thu Feb 6 08:49:12 EST 1997

G'day all, I've been running a couple of 377s on a daily basis for about
six months for  sequencing and Genescan and lately (ie last week) just
about every gel I've poured has been what could loosely be called a Swiss
cheese, due to bubbles. Until now I've had very few problems at all with
gel pouring, I've poured more than 100 gels without a hitch, suddenly it's
bubble time.
        It's most likely some sort of accumulation on the plates but is
there some way of cleaning them short of a daily dip in KOH/Ethanol. My
cleaning regimen is Alconox and warm water, milli-Q rinse, 70% etoh and a
final methanol polish- its worked brilliantly so far.
        What's happening?


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