Red Rain

Arthur Mangos arthur.mangos at imvs.sa.gov.au
Mon Dec 22 08:16:31 EST 1997

To Chang-Pin Huang and any others,

Your problems may already be solved but if red rain occurs we have found
that this can occur for various reasons including if the lid of the
buffer chamber is not used on a nine hour sequencing run. The TBE buffer
will begin to evaporate and the gel will begin to dry out. If the buffer
chamber lid is used and you still get red rain could it be possible that
when you take off the gel pouring apparatus that you don't immediately
place it in the electrophoresis chamber but leave it out on the bench.
If you do leave it out on the bench for a while try dampening some
kim-wipe (lintfree) tissue and place it at the base of the gel and cover
it with cling wrap.

Good luck
Jessica Borger

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