Blue Haze

Michael Lassner mikel51 at mother.com
Mon Dec 15 10:31:19 EST 1997

We had a similar problem when our 377 was a few weeks old.  The problem
disappeared after about 3 weeks, and we didn't pinpoint the problem. 
Our best guess as to the cause is that we were using an otter device to
cast the gels.  The clamps we used with the otter were stronger than the
clamps in the frame that holds the gel together on the sequencer.  We
believe that with the weaker clamping pressure that the plates could
slightly separate from the gel, and that the slight separation caused
the blue haze.  Now we cast the gel in the otter, and then we transfer
it to the 377 clamp/frame to let the gel set up.  The only other
variable that we changed (that we know about), and that may have helped
was the switch from alconox to alcojet detergent.  Alcojet is more basic
than the alconox.

We went through two-three weeks of sequencer hell over this issue.  We
tried acid washing, aicd/alcohol combinations, using the dishwasher
(seemed to help when ABI sent us plates that they cleaned), changing our
water, realigning the laser, using methanol, or isopropanol or no
solvent to clean the plates.

Good luck

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