Fedelase, Big Dyes and sequencing off all kinds of templates

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=> Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 19:43:05 +0100
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=> Subject: Fidelase
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=> Dear base busters,
=> A person at a perkin Elmer seminar here mentioned that he used a thermostable
=> topoisomerase "fidelase" to directly sequence bacterial chromosomal DNA using
=> BigDye terminator kit. Could anyone else please share their experience
=> with this enzyme?
=> Cheers,
=> Alexander Kraev, PhD
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Alexander (and everyone else),

Here's an early Christmas present........

You might want to look at my web site:  http://www.genome.ou.edu/

Specifically on the pages:

URL: http://www.genome.ou.edu/big_dyes_plasmid.html
     Sequencing off Plasmid Templates with ABI Big Dye Terminators,

URL: http://www.genome.ou.edu/big_dyes_cos_bac_pac_fos.html
     Sequencing off Cosmid, BAC, PAC, and Fosmid Templates with ABI
     Big Dye Terminators

URL: http://www.genome.ou.edu/big_dyes_bact.html
     Sequencing off Bacterial Genomic DNA with ABI Big Dye Terminators

Don't give me any credit for any of this except for having fun trying
to figure out how we could implement them without going broke... :-)

Enjoy and many thanks to Cheryl Heiner and other folks at ABI for the
helpful discussions.

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