fading gels

Alison Reavley alison.reavley at zoology.oxford.ac.uk
Wed Dec 3 07:12:16 EST 1997

Thanks for the advice, I decided to look into this in our facility and
found that this problem had also  been seen during the setting up of
Matrices when only the dyes are run.  The mystery continues.....

On 26 Nov 1997 MICHELLE.L.VAN.HEE at monsanto.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> Regarding the fading gels discussion, we have seen a fade occur in the middle of
> the gel on 377s and we think it is caused by residual glycerol and/or mineral
> oil in the samples.  This fade seems to affect all the samples on the gel, not
> just those that have the residual oil in them.  It displays the same symptoms as
> what others have been describing, but generally a little further into the
> sequence.  Someone else mentioned that they traced their problem to their
> plates, but we use a dishwasher with cold distilled water and it doesn't seem to
> follow our plates; maybe there are two different problems with similar symptoms. 
> Discussion welcomed.
> Michelle Van Hee
> Monsanto Company
> mlvanh1 at monsanto.com

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