Why? error 192 always occur.

Steve Marsh Kitt01 at att.worldnet.net
Tue Dec 2 07:17:23 EST 1997

In article <65rr50$4kf at net.bio.net>, fenghc <fenghc at ems.hrbmu.edu.cn> wrote:

> hi, all of you.
> We really want to get the help from you.
> Our 373A DNA sequencer always show error 192.
> I have test it, make a 5 minutes colletion and stop to analyse. When it
> load program of analysis, the error log would show error 192 res NOT
> We know usually use GEL DOC II to repair it, but it didn't contain any
> track. Even after repaired, it couldn't work well. The error log will
> tell us error 192 resnot found. Why?
> we expect any help to us. fenghc at ems.hrbmu.edu.cn

Try letting the gel run longer. You need to collect a minimum of 20 min to
have a valid gel for the analysis software to work with.

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