BigDyes and 373 Sequencers

Mick Jones mjones at rpms.ac.uk
Mon Dec 1 08:35:41 EST 1997

Hi all

ABI have produced a filter wheel which can be fitted to a 373A sequencer
to allow it to take advantage of the new generation of dyes (which 377
users can automatically use).  These are the dRhodamine terminators and
the BigDye primers and terminators.

For people who use these new dyes, are they that much better than the
older ones?

For 373A users changing ther filter wheel means you cannot use the older
dyes anymore.  It would also prevent sequencers from using other
manufacturers dye kits (Amersham for example).

Has anybody using a 373A switched to the new filter wheel? and do you
find you get better quality data?

Thanks in advance.


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