AbiPrism 377 sequencing problems

Jens Dieterich dieteric
Tue Aug 26 09:53:31 EST 1997

If anybody could give some advice about following problem:
We use an automatic sequencer ABIPRISM 377 and for half a year it worked
perfectly. Since then we get very inconsitent results. 
The samples seem not to run properly in the gel any more. Lanes might
cross during the run, parts seem to be compressed others are stretched 
in the same lane in the same gel. Basecalling becomes very inconvenient
this way and even the different extractions don't give reliable results.
We have changed all reagents, we already treated the glass plates with
HCL and NaOH, we use MilliQ-water etc. 
Is storing the glass plates in an upright position o.k.?
If there is any idea to solve this problem I would appreciate very much
to get it.

Jens Dieterich

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