BS/MS/PhD High Throughput Sequencing positions

Roger Roger
Tue Aug 26 09:25:44 EST 1997

Monsanto Life Sciences Company located in suburban St. Louis, MO., has
immediate openings in our high throughput sequencing laboratory for BS,
MS, and Ph.D. scientists. The sequencing lab carries out EST projects
related to human health and nutrition as well as agricultural programs. It
provides full length cDNA sequences and can take on genomic DNA sequencing
projects on demand. It is a new, state-of-the-art facility applying the
best current practices in lab automation. These new positions are part of
an expansion of capacity. Scientists recruited into these positions will,
depending on expertise, work in the production sequencing teams, devise
and test new protocols, troubleshoot daily operations, carry out special
projects, and interact with extensive internal genomics and molecular
biology program as well as with the world genome community.

These positions require a proven record of accomplishment in a high
throughput genomics laboratory or core facility.

Please send a letter, names of references, and CV to:

Roger Wiegand, Director Genomics Technology           
Monsanto AA5I 
700 Chesterfield Pkwy.
Chesterfield, MO 63198

mailto:rcwieg at darwin.monsanto.com

FAX (314)537-7444

Monsanto is an equal opportunity employer.



mailto:rcwieg at darwin.monsanto.com

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