ABI 373 and dRhodamine kits (Response to

G. G.
Tue Aug 19 08:31:52 EST 1997

Sorry for your troubles, Hans,

But you should realize that the different fluorescent dyes that are used
by the dye-Rhodamine kits require a special filter which cannot physically
be added to the ABI373 machines (hopefully their design technicians can
make a new filter wheel so you could 'upgrade' at a future time).  

The virtual filter used by the present ABI377 machines is just that; it
uses the present configuration (different from the 373s) and applies some
sort of algorithm to be able to interpret the new data.

I agree, however that ABI is less than helpful in explaining all this, and
they do not provide good technical support, despite the many thou$ands of
dollars we spend in service contracts.  This alone is a good reason for
retaliating by sending your business elsewhere.

I recommend the Thermosequenase sequencing kits (#US79765) from Amersham
($540/100 rxns) and contacting the Gel Company (1-800-256-8596) for
competitive pricing on glass plates.

Good luck
G. Harrison
caribou at u.washington.edu

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