David David
Mon Aug 18 17:58:09 EST 1997

Dear Sander Peters, Hans Sandbrink	and Newsgroupers,

I have been using Sequencher to assemble a geneome sized project which 
currently contains 2800+ sequences .  The Mac that I use is a 7600/132 
with 80 Meg RAM built in and 60 Meg vitrual RAM , I would recommend 
getting the most RAM that you can afford , one of our machines has 150 
Meg which handles anything that is thrown at it . I would also highly 
recomend a Jaz drive for the data storage as the projects can get very 
large .

I have reached the stage where if all the individual reads are taken out 
of contigs they can not be viewed within the Sequencher project window 
but that is also true when they are exported to a Mac folder .  All the 
functions still work to specifications you just need to have a little 
faith that the select all command does in fact select all the reads .

I have found that the excelent graphic user interface for contig editing 
has made a mamoth job a lot easier and I feel more confident being able 
to edit with the chromatogram data directly below the text alignment .

Sequencher may not have been designed for this type of work but it copes 
admirably and my hat is again off to the people at Gene Codes , may they 
keep up the good work .

Yours Sincerely , 

David Cain
Larkseq at easervices.com

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