Michele Michele
Fri Aug 15 12:20:37 EST 1997

In article <5r2vg9$mtu at net.bio.net>, John Augliera, auggie at MIT.EDU wrote:

> We are currently doing reactions in 0.2ml thinwall tubes and cleanups 
> using
> spin columns.  This is becoming cumbersome with the the addition of a 
> second
> sequencer to our facility.  I have seen the recent e-mailings about doing 
> rxns
>  and cleanups in microtiter plates and loadings with multiwell pipetors.
> I was wondering how others have streamlined the process; any suggestions 
> would
> be greatly appreciated.
> P.S.    we are using a PE9600 thermal cycler which may pose a problem
> with using microtiter plates and run gels on an ABI377.
> John Augliera
> auggie at mit.edu


We routinely use A.G.T.C.'s (Advanced Genetic Technology Corp.) 96-well
Sephadex G-50 plates, catalog # 31909.  We purify the reactions into a
96-well plate, dry them down. We resuspend the reactions in the plate,
heating it on a 96-well heat block, and load directly from the plate.  If
you get the XL upgrade and go to 48 lanes, it actually makes handling
samples in sets of 96 very easy.

Michele Godlevski
Glaxo Wellcome Sequencing Core Facility
Research Triangle Park,  North Carolina

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