Anybody use a PowerMac with ABI 373 Sequencer?

Andy Andy
Fri Aug 15 08:32:04 EST 1997

In article <5svnbo$7i3 at net.bio.net>, LAB, rewhlab at cbdn.ca wrote:

 >  Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has been able to use a PowerMac to 
 >  interface with an ABI 373 sequencer?  We were told that this will not 
 >  without the $17,000 XL upgrade from ABI, however, our Mac sales 
 >  said 
 >  that the PowerMac will emulate the 040 processor and should work.

You'd be better off getting a second hand non-powermac to hang off the 373
and grab all the data. Network the powermac to it and do your analysis
off-line (I assume that the original non-powermac that came with the 373
has died?). That way the 373 can be generating more data while you analyse
on the decent machine.

Andy Law
( Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk )
( Big Nose in Edinburgh )

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