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Wed Aug 6 08:37:09 EST 1997

Hi All

I posted a note asking for info on the porous gel loading combs in use
in Ansorge's lab at the EMBL (for reference see Nucleic Acids Research,
volume 25 (issue 11), pages 2229 - 2230 (1997)).  Apart from people
saying they want more info, I have not received a reply indicating
exactly what you need to order, what is the cost, are the loading combs
reusable (as the DNA frgaments are electrophoresed off into the gel, you
might expect to be able to reuse the comb after washing in
acid/alkali?), etc?

The articles refers only to "The porous material used for production of
the loading comb was MV Cellulose-Mischester from Macherey-Nagel, Duren
or Nylon Membrane from Boehringer Mannheim."

They do not indicate if you need to pretreat the material or anything

I have emailed Voss and Ansorge about a month ago and have received no

With the advent of the ABI XL upgrades allowing the loading of 64
samples per gel, I would like to think everybody would be keen to get
this technology going in their labs.

So my cry of help to anybody out there who has the combs working, could
you PLEASE share it with us?

Given that there has been a few messages to the group about Hamilton
loading syringes recently, the use of a loading comb would eliminate
that expense, and also the relative expensive flat-billed loading tips.

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