hamilton multi-syringes

Bruce Bruce
Wed Aug 6 08:35:38 EST 1997

Tom, et al,

	Tom and others interested in using these syringes for loading might
look at URL:
which also can be gotten to from URL:
where we provide a program that will create the sample sheets for you and
describe the various approaches to gel loading we have investigated.

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 You write: 
=> Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 13:22:21 -0700 (PDT)
=> From: Tom.Nelson at net.bio.net, nelson_t at bms.com
=> Subject: hamilton multi-syringes
=> Newsgroups: bionet.genome.autosequencing
=> I am considering many possible ways to load multiple samples on the 48
=> and 64 well combs on the 377XL.  I have been hearing that hamilton
=> multichannel syringes are the way to go.
=> What kind of experience do you all have with loading 8 lanes at a time
=> with hamilton, or any other multichannel loading devices?  What kind of
=> advice would you give?
=> If hamilton is the best way, what are the catalog numbers for the
=> syringes and needles, and where can I purchase them, directly from
=> hamilton or from another 3rd party?
=> Thanks for any information,
=> Tom Nelson
=> Applied Genomics DNA Sequencing Facility
=> Bristol-Myers Squibb PRI

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