MJR tetrad cyclers ( follow up )

David David
Mon Aug 4 11:35:48 EST 1997

Dear Newsgroupers,

Thanks to those who replied , although there were only 2 I have included 
them with this follow up posting.  Looks to me like its time that they 
fixed this problem.


David Cain

Replies enclosed below:

  	We used to have three tetrads and all had problems that I would
  	consider severe.  Apparently, the Alpha units do not have
  	proper sealing for the block area and when the units are run
  	for an extended period of time at 4 C, condensation builds up,
  	drips into the Alpha or the base and causes shorts and blown
  	fuses.  We ended up sending all three Tetrads back and getting
  	PTC-100 cyclers on a semi-permanent basis until the Tetrad
  	problem is permanently fixed.  The PTC-100 units work fine (so
  	far).  I know of at least one other lab that has done this as
  Mark Jung

Hi David,

I have one Tetrad at the moment with 2 ordered. I have had it for almost a
year and love it.
I use it for sequencing for a high-through put sequencing project and am
keeping 3 X 377's
busy with 3 -4 gels a day per machine at 48 lanes using ET-primers from
Amersham. I have had
some problems with fuses blowing due to running them at 4C for long 
but they are
easy to replace manually.

Hope this helps,


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