DNA Seq ABI New dRhodamine Term kit

Dr Dr
Tue Apr 29 08:56:08 EST 1997

At 16:35 04/25/97, Harold G. Hills wrote:
>Has any one tried using the drhodamine terminator cycle sequencing ready
>reaction kit.  "The new dyes"  Our first experiences have not been too
>good.  We have checked and rechecked the collection software to make sure
>the correct mobility file is used and the correct matrix file is used and
>we have not gotten good results.
>Anyone else tried them?  How have your results turned out.
>Any secrets to pass along?
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>1184 Molecular Biology Building                     FAX 515 294-1597
>Iowa State University
>Ames, IA 50011-3260                               hhills at iastate.edu

I    attended the  ABI  roadshow  last week  and  the  dichlororhodamine
dyes   sounded good    and  I  will  try  them    ASAP -  but  in  what
way  have  you  had problems ?  Are  you using  them on a 377  or  the  
? Could  you  do  me a favour and  let me know  what  to   look  out for  


Marc Woodland

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