disappearing data

Suzanne Suzanne
Fri Apr 25 16:44:59 EST 1997

Fellow sequencers,

   I'm having a problem with disappearing data. Thursdays gel file showed
lanes with data but there were gaps in each of the lanes at about the same
spot.  The left side of the gel file was much worse with lanes that looked
empty except for a brief section of bands. Looking at the analyzed data I
get good data for about 90bp then just noise and then it picks back up
around 500bp-600bp(This data also doesn't look too bad). I called ABI they
suggested that it was a plate problem, something quenching the signal. I
had used these plates on Tuesday along with all the same reagents and had
no problem but since they were relatively new plates I tried my old
standby plates. I watched this data come off. Again, I had nice bands and
then suddenly nothing. Then it would pick up(looked a little smeary) and
then drop out again. The analyzed data is the same; good for about 90bps
then basically nothing until 500-600bp. Anybody experience anything like
this? I have a service call open but it may take a while with everyone at
their annual meeting. However, I would like to have some kind of
explanation to give to my customers.


Suzanne McNeely

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