Various questions

Dr Dr
Tue Apr 22 10:25:47 EST 1997

Hi  Happy  Sequencers

(1)  I  have been  using  Page  Plus    for  sometime  now  and  using  
P.E./ABI  protocol  with  36cm  plates  on  the  377  I  achive  good  
lengths  700 + (1-2% N) -    when  given  good  DNA !

So  has  anyone  optimised  a  protocol  for  the   48cm  plates   to  get
even  longer  reads-  the  magic  figure  of  1000bp  beckons.

(2) A  second  question  which  I  am  sure  someone  knows  the  answer
to  what  is  that  tasteful  pink  dye  in  the  Amersham  loading
buffer.  Such  a  different  attitude - Amersham  include  a  loading
buffer  and  Am  acetate  in  their  new  kits  which  are  also  cheaper.

(3) Spin-Columns -  I  use  the  Pharmacia  Microspin  G-50 ,  I  know  of
the  Centri-Sep   (expensive),  are  there  any  other  makes  which
people  out   there  use ?


Dr  Tachyon

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