ABI PMT settings

David David
Tue Apr 15 08:21:04 EST 1997

Michael C. Gorry Wrote:

We are having a problem with our 373 upgrade sequencer.  The PMT value
must be set at around 800 to get a blue line (y value) of around 700.  The
laser and filter were just replaced (ABI thought that this was the
problem).  The machine was just inherited from a lab that shut down so we
do not know the history.  The standardish PMT setting on other machines is
usually around 530-560.  Has anyone had this problem in the past and know
what should be done to correct it?  I have heard of these high settings
when using the base-sprinter but never when doing a normal overnight run.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Michael C. Gorry

Dear Newsgroupers ,

We have just had one of our 373's upgraded to the XL ( 64 lane ) with 
initial problems with getting the PMT to a satisfactory level . The scan 
line were just not getting to the ideal 750 - 1000 level . A variety of 
things were attempted but the final releif was getting a new 
Photomultiplier tube fitted . I am not sure if you have had a recent 
upgrade but if you have check into this .

We have also spotted a bug where if you change the scan mode after a 
plate check has been performed the machine must be completely reset to 
get it to communicate with the 373 itself . Something which is a minor 
hassle to say the least .

Hope this is of some help , 

David Cain

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