Sequencher/AutoAssembler Comparison

David David
Mon Apr 14 17:38:33 EST 1997

Olav Hungnes Wrote :

I'd like to know what you consider to be the pros and cons of 
ABI/Perkin-Elmer's AutoAssembler compared to Sequencher, which seems to 
score so highly in this forum. 

We've got demos of both programs, and they seem to do more or less the 
same job.

Our raw data come mainly from an ABI 310.


Dear Newsgroupers ,

I have used both programs at great length , AutoAssembler I used a number 
of years ago when I worked in London and Sequencher just a few minutes 
ago ( and for the last year ) .  I can say without a shaddow of a doubt 
that unless Ann Arbor ( where Genecodes are based ) is spirited away from 
the face of the earth by an alien invasion and Sequencher is no longer 
avaliable I will remain using it . I would also like to add that the 
probability of me going back to using AutoAssembler is about the same as 
that of the Alien invasion occuring .

I cant express how much I like Sequencher and what a relief I have found 
it to be able to use a sequencing analysis package that is not written in 
reverse logic and that does not require you to have a copy of the 
instruction guide perminantly on your desk . 

I have copied the URL of the summary of the last software discussion on 
this group to show that few things seemt o have changed :


I hope you buy a copy or two and never look back .

Yours Sincerely , 

David Cain

PS I have no affiliation with Gene Codes other than being a proud user.

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