reuse of microtiter plates

Michele Michele
Thu Apr 10 16:10:46 EST 1997

In article <5h9ekb$1pb at net.bio.net>, Eckloff, Bruce W.,
eckloff.bruce at mayo.edu wrote:

> We are thinking of using large volume microtiter gel filtration plates 
> from
> (cat #21580) to purify our sequencing rxns. Are these reusable and if they
> are how many times can they be reused? What are the problems associated
> with reuse?
> Cross contamination or do the filters plug up or degrade?
>                 Thanks,
>                     Bruce


We have routinely used the A.G.T.C. microtiter gel filtration plates for
over a year and a half.  The resin (and membrane) are not re-usable, but
unused wells on a 96-well block can be re-hydrated, stored and used
later.  Also, these blocks can be easily made in house...but not with much
of a cost savings.

Michele Godlevski
Glaxo Wellcome Sequencing Core Facility
Research Traingle Park, North Carolina

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