Skipped region.

Peter Peter
Thu Apr 10 16:12:39 EST 1997

Yes, I have seen this happen with a clone which contained a large inverted
repeat.  The sequence read through the vector sequence to the cloning 
skipped over the inverted repeat and continued on the other side.  

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charlie demma; demma at welchlink.welch.jhu.edu wrote in article
<5ibmdq$pt at net.bio.net>...
> We did some sequencing for someone on an ABI 377. He was absolutely
> positive that his insert was in his plasmid but the insert was missing
> from his electropherogram. Has anyone ever seen a situation where the
> polymerase will skip a region and continue on to give a nice sequence? 
> Charlie Demma
> Demma at welchlink.welch.jhu.edu

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