Want to start up a Genomics company, Boston

Roger McCarrick rmccarrick at usa.net
Tue Sep 17 08:38:26 EST 1996

Anybody out there interested in pooling resources and brains and raising
funds to start up a Genomics company?

Specialize in sequencing genomes of disease causing bacteria / viruses /
microorganisms, for drug targeting.

I have five years experience in automated DNA sequencing and want to apply
that to high throughput sequencing, plus learn all aspects of
bioinformatics for determining introns, exons, function and structure etc.

All I need is money and good molecular biologists who are thinking like me.

Check out my resume at:

email me at rmccarrick at usa.net


Roger McCarrick

  ~       http://core1.joslab.harvard.edu/core/welcome.html        ~

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