Brian Osborne bosborne at nature.berkeley.edu
Sat Sep 7 16:58:05 EST 1996

On Sep 6, 11:22pm, LARKSALES at aol.com wrote:
> Subject: Software
> Dear Sequenchers ,

> the combination of
> automated trimming , fast fragment assembly , and great editing tools make
> Sequencher the hands-down favorite in our lab .
> I hope that this helps some users and that Sequencher continues to develop in
> the right direction .
> Yours Sequencingly ,
> David Cain
> P.S.  I was totally amazed the other day when a few of my collegues started
> writting thier own Apple scripts to work with Sequencher .  It is a big bonus
> being able to add extra features and tailor it to your specific needs .
>-- End of excerpt from LARKSALES at aol.com

Well put. I'd like to add a couple of points. They also _supply_ some useful
which may be edited to taste. I obtained, edited, and use a script that
describes the
contents of a 'project' : how many contigs, how many total bases, average
per base, etc.

Our one problem (yet to be solved, if I remember correctly) was with the copy
scheme they use, which involves a piece of hardware that goes between the ADB
and the keyboard. Evidently the current in our lab is not 'good', so that the
key would insist that a copy of Sequencher was in use elsewhere on the network.
Basically we would have to shutdown, unplug, replug, restart each day to use
program. Minor problem, I agree. This copy protection scheme is something
GeneCodes has
bought from another company BTW.

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