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Sat Sep 7 05:42:59 EST 1996

Dear Sequenchers , 

Just to add something to the software debate , I have been using Sequenchers
( from Gene Codes : www.genecodes.com ) for a number of months. 

On both small ( single primer extensions ) and large scale projects ( Cosmid
size by shotgun methodology ) it is extremely user friendly and packed with
useful features .  In fact, Sequencher covers a number of applications such
as automatic vector trimming that I had previously used seperate programs for
( programs which, I might add, cost as much as Sequencher despite not doing
the whole job) . 

Being able to edit the data without effecting the original base calls make
cleaning up of contig consensus sequence much easier .  Restriction mapping
tools and clear contig overview maps are easy to get to and intelligently
integrated .  I'm not one to endorse specific products  , but I've used
several different sequencing analysis programs , and the combination of
automated trimming , fast fragment assembly , and great editing tools make
Sequencher the hands-down favorite in our lab . 

I hope that this helps some users and that Sequencher continues to develop in
the right direction . 

Yours Sequencingly , 

David Cain 

P.S.  I was totally amazed the other day when a few of my collegues started
writting thier own Apple scripts to work with Sequencher .  It is a big bonus
being able to add extra features and tailor it to your specific needs . 

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