Long Range PCR template problems

Terrie-Anne Cock t.cock at garvan.unsw.edu.au
Wed Sep 4 02:14:39 EST 1996

We are presently trying to sequence a 3.5 Kb long range PCR product on the
ABI 377 and have not had any success, in that the sequence has a high
artifact level with the standard conditions. The template concentration has
been used between 10 ng and 350 ng. The concentration was determined
visually from an agarose gel. Has anyone had similar problems sequencing
with PCR templates especially LR PCR products?

Thanks for your help

Terrie-Anne Cock

Terrie-Anne Cock
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
St Vincent's Hospital                          Tel:   (02) 295 8260
                                                           295 8369
Sydney NSW 2010                                Fax:   (02) 332 4876
Australia                       email: t.cock at garvan.unsw.edu.au

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