Red Rain problems

Anthony Tomlinson tomlinson at pplros.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 25 09:21:24 EST 1996

In article <54o2ac$5ri at net.bio.net> Suzanne McNeely,
smcneely at sunstroke.sdsu.edu writes:
>We recently purchased a 377 to replace our 373 and are adjusting to the
>differences between the two machines. For the first time I have gotten a
>gel with the red rain phenomenom. Or at least I assume this is red rain;
>red streaks in various places throughout the gel file obscuring data and
>just basically making my life miserable. I know this has been covered
>before but could someone please give the reason and possible cure for this
>one more time. BTW, where are the archives to this group?

Perceived wisdom:

Crud buildup on the glass plates blocks/abolishes the charge interaction
the glass and the gel, and if the gel then lifts from the plate during a
run, the
lack of cooling will result in localised overheating, forming bubbles
which fluoresce,
causing red rain.  The solution (which works for me) is to minimize
exposure to
tap water, periodically wash the plates in 0.1M NaOH then 0.1M HCl, 10 min
(I do it every 10 gels) and run the gels at 48degC instead of 51.

The newsgroups is at http://www.bio.net/hypermail/AUTOMATED-SEQUENCING/,
I think the archive is accessible from there, or


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