Extruding DNA Seq Gels

Harold G. Hills hhills at iastate.edu
Tue Oct 22 17:29:44 EST 1996


How prevelant is the problem with extruding gels on 377's. I have never had
the problem but am curious as to how serious a problem exists. The two
cases where I have known the people with the problem, they have had their
machines vented by duct work to remove the heat from the lab. I realize
that this should not be related to the problem.

We have never had the problem, knock on wood. We wash our plates only in
Alconox, followed by hot water, then cold water and then deionized water
and use the plates as soon as they are dry. We actually wash our plates
twice because we use the same procedure when we take down the gels.

I would also like to know what has been done to solve the extruding gels.
Some of the solutions seem extreme.

Please respond directly to me and do not post the messages to everyone and
I will try to summarize the survey findings.


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