Dye-term Sequencing of crude lysates

Jack Leonard Jack.Leonard at amicon.com
Tue Oct 22 17:29:25 EST 1996

A recent article in Biotechniques 21:453-457 by Chen et al. (Sept 1996,
"Automated DNA Sequencing Requiring No DNA Template Purification")
reports the use of "hot start" in thermal cycling for automated DNA
sequencing reactions to obviate plasmid DNA template purification, and
to generate up to 500 bases with insignificant background from CRUDE
LYSATES. Is anyone familiar with this technique, and if so, do they
agree with the authors that the overall quality of DNA sequence is
considerably improved and that it is becoming unnecessary to improve the
quality of DNA templates (i.e., use DNA directly from E. coli without
purification)? Thank you greatly for your
response in advance.
Jack T. Leonard, Ph.D.
Manager, Lab Products and Applications
Amicon, R&D

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